Sunday, October 19, 2008


I guess I haven't been posting enough Cazzie of Cazzie Scraps has requested I do this.

1. How long have you been using psp?
I have been psping since 2004. I was a siggy piggy and at that time it was hard to get blank tags or tags with your name on it. So, I decided to learn to make them myself. And that led to making incredimail letters. I now have my own Incredimail group with over 900 members, where I share Incredimail Letters I make. IM Creations by Teri
2. How did you get into making tags and scrapkits?
I guess I answered part of that above. I got into making scrapkits at the beginning of this summer. I scrapkit traditionally and decided to try digital scrapping. I am obviously still
3. Who is your favorite artist?
As the next question is who is my favorite scrap designer, I am going to say my favorite
artist right now is Trina Clark. I love her prim designs. I actually like a lot of artists, just too many to name. If they are cute, beautiful, have teddy bears or are inspirational then they are one of my favorites.
4. Who is my favorite scrap designer?
I don't really have one favorite. There are so many talented scrap designers out there.
I like everyone! Each has their own style, talent in different areas, - they are all great!
I am partial right now to anyone that does scripts or scrap
5. Which 3 blogs do you visit everyday?
I don't have any one blog I visit everyday. There are days I don't even get to my
I have a list to the right of sites I have visited and plan to add many more soon. Due to continuing computer problems and some health issues right now, I am way behind on things
I want to get done.

Thanks Cazzie! Hope this answers some of your questions. Now she is one of my favorite designers!
Have a good week! I hope to have a Halloween kit up in the next couple of days - if my computer will cooperate with me!

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