Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I have received 3!! awards in the last week. I apologize to the ladies who kindly awarded me for not getting these up sooner. I did get my computer replaced but had major problems with it almost right away - so much so, I had to completely wipe the whole thing. I am still having some problems but am slowly working them out. I think I am supposed to award about 60 people by now from these awards and previous. Look out people, I am now able to do that (I think)...lol
The ladies that awarded me all have wonderful sites that are worth checking out! I am going to post the awards on the side for now.
First, Thank You! to Lone and Alice of Alo Dezines for one of the awards. They have some beautiful kits and freebie scripts on their site. I love their scripts! Scripts just make scrapbooking so easy sometimes.
Second, Thank You! to Miss T Layouts for the second award. She has some great layouts for blogs. If you have been looking for a background for your blog, check out her layouts. I think I may be going over and snatching a fall layout she has.
And last but not least, Thanks to Cazzie of Cazzie Scraps for again awarding me. Cazzie, has been one of the biggest helps for me in my scrapping class, she has a sense of humor I love and she has a great blog site that is well worth taking the time to check out.
Many THANKS to you all for awarding my site.

Now, I would like to give my own award to each of these ladies, who have each made me feel great by awarding me and for having made my day on the day they each awarded me.
I will also be awarding this to the other ladies that have awarded me. Check my blog archive
under awards to see their sites! No rules for it Gals, keep it, delete it, put it on your site or not.

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