Sunday, April 26, 2009


I was also tagged by Maggie, Drop by her site, some beautiful scrap items there for you! Thanks Maggie.

I have been 'tagged' by Nip of
"Nips Scraps and More" Please stop my her site. She offers some wonderful scrap items, including freebie scripts! Who doesn't like a freebie now-a-days!! lol As I read Nips answers I realized we had a lot in common, but we all do don't we......
I have been terrible at getting up the awards given to me (and I will do that yet...), so I thought I would at least get this 'tag thing' done. Thanks Nip!

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To

1. Flowers, green grass, sunshine, warmth (not hot!) and less bugs (Snow snow go away, come again another day)
2. Family get together this summer
3. People leaving more comments on my blog!
4. Meeting Moonsong, in person
5. Losing weight (been looking forward to that for a looong time)
6. Being successful at scrapping and having my name well known for it (I can dream can't I?? lol)
7. Seeing my grandchildren grow up
8. Having my grandchildren stay overnight

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. Woke up crabby (yup crabby was me)
2. Got some emails answered
3. Made a sweeping glance of the house and called the housecleaning done - also dated the dust to remind me to sweep Warned dust bunnies to stay out of site when we had visitors
4. Talked to my youngest granddaughter on the phone
5. Finished up a scrapkit
6. Started a new scrapkit
7. Made a list of things I need to do
8. Watered my plants (one thing off my list!)

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

1. Not hurt anymore
2. Never have to take another medication
3. Protect every child in the world
4. Bunji jump or sky dive
5. Never have to ask for help
6. Win the Lottery
7. Travel
8. Meet in person the people I have met on the net

8 Shows or Movies I Watch

1. CSI - all of them
2. Lie To Me
3. Ghost Whisperer
4. Lost
5. The Mentalist
6. Kings
7. Bones
8. Suspense, Science Fiction and Comedy movies

8 People I Tagged

1. Cazzie -
2. Pearl -
3. Trisha -
5. Janice -
6. Lady Dove -
7. Jodi -
8. Jaye -

Please drop by all these sites, you will love their creations!
Wow, I did it!! - How good am I? lol

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