Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I was given a challenge by Devine Dzines. This is interesting. I am supposed to to to my picture folder and find the 6th picture in the 6 folder. Post it here and tell you about it. I am also supposed to pass this on to 6 others.
Here is the 6th picture from the 6 folder....lol You asked for it! My sister's were going for a drive in around Abbotsford, BC. They decided to make a little snowman with a bit of snow on the side of the road. They found a beer can on the side of the road too. The picture is called, 'a drunk snowman in the middle of the road'....lol Remember I can't pick my relatives!

I am going to pass this challenge along tomorrow as my computer is not allowing sites to open right now....grrr.

Please do check out Devine Dzines, they have pages of great freebies!!!



  1. love the photo
    I have an award waiting for you on my blog. http://debscrapbooks.blogspot.com
    Deborah (damc

  2. that's a really good one. a very interesting and fun challenge.


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