Thursday, December 18, 2008


I received a new award called Leaves of Friendship from Carolyn, A wonderful friend from a scrap group I am in. Please stop by and see all the goodies she has to share! Now the rules are I must pass this along to 5 other people.

1. Janice - You have got to check her blog and the beautiful graphics she is making. I am so jealous, she is doing such a great job!
2. Jodi - Jodi makes the most wonderful word art!
Stop and take a look, you'll love what's there.
3. Hummie - I just recently joined Hummie's forum. She is a wonderful lady, great sense of humor, so helpful when you need it and great tutorials. I am so glad I found her site. Check it out, she has videos that will have you laughing!
4. Rosy - Rosy is a fellow Canadian and also in one of my scrap groups. Check out her goodies!
5. The last one I am giving to my daughter Pam - her site is a homeschooling site plus she has some great articles.
Her site is worth checking even if you don't homeschool.


  1. Oh, that made my heart melt! Thank you for your kind words! I do not always have time to pass these on, but sometimes try if I can. I always appreciate them though!

  2. Thanks for this award mom. It is my very first award! :o)

    I am blessed and so glad to call you friend!


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