Friday, November 14, 2008

Are You Canadian?

I was doing a bit of blog surfing today and found a Canadian Scrap Site. Then I checked my comments and found one from a fellow Canadian. That got me to thinking...a dangerous thing When I first started out psping and making letters for Incredimail, Canadian designers and Canadian stationary were hard to find. I have been doing my best over the years to change that! Today, there are many more Canadian Designers and I always get a thrill when I see something that is specifically "Canadian" or just plain 'Canadian Made".

Sooooo... are you Canadian? I would like to start a Link list of "Proudly Canadian Designers", not necessarily just scrapbook designers but of the crafty nature! (no pun intended!) If you are and would be willing to allow me to link to your blog or web site and would maybe be interested in adding a List to your blog or web site; please would you leave a comment with an email addy or web link or email me? My email addy is in designsbyteri(at)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Proudly Canadian! Smiles, Teri~


  1. Hi, I'm canadian but also french canadian. I live in Quebec, Canada. I made some digiscrapbooking creations. Here is my blog:
    I'll be proud to have a list of Canadian designer on my blog.

  2. I am Canadian but unfortuately do no have a blog. Perhaps I could help by making some QPs from time to time from kits by Canadians. I love the alpha used at the top that says I am Canadian :)

  3. i'm also a very proud canadian ,i live near Toronto,ont ,i live it here but just dont like all the snow .Here is my blog: ,Have a good day huzzzz, from canada ;o)

  4. Jody, your idea for Quickpages is great. If you set up a blog please contact me! Hope you find this, you didn't leave a link for me to get back to you.
    Smiles, Teri~

  5. we've spoken before. I'm also Canadian,from southern Ontario, and am just starting up in the "blog thing". I have the blog set up, but trying as hard as I can,I don't seem to be able to get my BG to work.

  6. Hello I have tried before to leave a comment but it did not work..I'm also a Canadian and am trying to learn digital scrapbooking but not doing to well. I restore old photo's and do create Quick Pages from everyone's free works. With out that help I would really be lost. I do admire your work very much. A BIG THANK YOU for sharing your wonderful work..I do have several programs to work with but it is still slow going..

  7. Hi Teri, I just found your blog. I like your designing style. I am a fellow Canadian, originally from Newfoundland but have been living in Alberta for the past 4 years. Check out my blog:

    Let me know when you get that list set up, I will display it PROUDLY on my blog!

    Inspired Mommie Designs

  8. Hi Teri
    My name is Carol from Edmonton, I am Canadian and share digiscrap freebie kits. My blog is

  9. Great idea. I am Canadian - east coast. I design but only for myself and make bragbooks for gifts. I would love to have a list of Canadian designers that I could support with pride. There are quite a few that I already know.


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