Monday, August 4, 2008

Pages I made with First Kit Items

I have been working on my first kit. I am not sure now that doing just one kit was a good idea. I'm thinking I should have just worked on making various elements and papers in different colors and offering that way at first. I am also thinking I don't have a clue what I am up
I am adding some layouts I did with the kit I am working on. I did just try to upload a picture but it seems to have disappeared into cyberspace somewhere!
So going to try again.
Whoohoo and there it is right I think I forgot to click off the 'terms of service' the first time. Big no no I guess.
I would love to hear what you think of these layouts and if you think it would make a good first kit to put out there for you all. Not sure who 'you all' is but maybe someone will stumble by...*grin*
I do traditional scrapbooking and have always believed that when you do a page, you should be making the picture or pictures the main focus not the elements you add to the page. I personally don't like overly busy page layouts. I want a nice page that brings out the subjects of the layout. But to each his own though.
These two sweethearts are my youngest granddaughters.

This little sweetie is my great niece Sarah. She was about to give her new baby brother a kiss and changed her mind and swerved away. Her Grammy caught this picture just as she turned.

This lovely lady is my sister Cheryl, Sarah's Grammy.

This layout I did with a tube and then made into an Incredimail letter. I guess I should mention that this kit is in tagger size. I will be making the proper size kits for printing out eventually. Everything is made in 300 dpi so they are printable. I have seamless tiles in the kit, so you could make your own papers and add the elements and frames.

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  1. Hi Teri! I would love to see and use scrap kits you have! I have been scrappin for eons. I can totally relate to your bit about wanting a page/layout to be un-busy enough that it doesn't distract away from the photo(s). Anyhoo, yeah, bring it on! :) :) :) Love, LM


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